Da Kine Maps : A Map Editor for Roleplaying Games

Da Kine Maps for iPad®

  • Create beautiful old-school hex adventure maps for your tabletop gaming group.
  • A Tap and Paint interface lets you quickly lay out landmasses, mountains, forests, bodies of water and coastlines.
  • Markers let you annotate villages, castles, mines, camps, caves, ruins and other structures.
  • A Template system lets you start with common terrain like a river valley, wetlands, forest, or sea. You can make your own templates to quickly generate variations of your maps as your game progresses.
  • Once your map is complete, you can print it, save it to your camera roll, or share it through social media.
  • Maps are scaled with standard 1/2" hexes for play or alternately 1/4" hexes for large regional maps. Perfect for most pen and paper roleplaying games.
  • The starter tile set comes with 27 types of terrain 18 point of interest marker symbols.
  • All tiles and markers are high resolution images generated from vector graphic drawings.

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